Happy Birthday Sisters

My chocolate chips <3
My chocolate chips ❤

Speaking about twins, speaking about monsters,
speaking about twins, speaking about my sisters.

They plan and plot,
they’re literally snots.

They plan every trap,
behind their smile they wrap,

what’s mischievous, what’s destroying,
they’re vile, they’re evil, they’re just annoying.

No I’m not exaggerating but please…

Don’t you see?

The similar way they think,
the smile and then the wink,

their look at me with hate,
“You’re not our twin”, they’d state.

And if you’d meet them, you’d say,

“how innocent and great,
how cute and best mates,

how adorable and loving”
believe me, you know nothing!

Well..listen little monsters,

Despite of everything,
I won’t say a thing.

I’d look at you with love,
and just ignore the above.

I’d look at you and smile,
saying it’s just fine,

cuz I know I’m stuck,

Oh god, my luck!

Now don’t go mad after reading this,
I spent the whole night on it sis,

Just smile and know I love you,
Oh, and Happy Birthday to you two!



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