I’d break your head!

I miss you.
I miss you.

Oh my god! I just can’t wait,
this is so exciting, just so great.

Just eight more days,
Just a few hours,

My lord I praise,
I sing to the flowers.

I know this is insane,
but you’ve got no clue,

how happy I am,
I wish you knew.

I can’t wait to meet you,
It’s been ages,

I miss your presence,
and all your phrases.

You left me and went, like a bag of potato,
like a left over bread, or even a tomato.

I hate you for leaving me, I really do
I thought I was your sister, isn’t it true?!

You leave and go, and you’ll be dead,
don’t leave again, I’d break your head!

That was just a warm welcome, since you’re back,
>We missed you, you know it, welcome back.


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