Not a poem..


So well…today I’m not posting a poem, but I just thought I’d like to share with you this…

Today is the 21st of January, which means it’s my IGCSE result day. Last night i struggled sleeping, I was worried. I mean I always worry, but this time it is different. I was worried because I knew I didn’t do well, yet I was hoping for the best. Anyway, I realized a lot today. I scored A in English and Accounting, which I’m not really proud of. I was hoping for an A* in Accounting. However, I realized that it could have been worse, I mean I didn’t even study that well. I think I should be grateful, there are many out there who are wishing for an A, I would just say Alhamdullilah. I mean it’s not that bad, is it? :/

Now if I didn’t do really well in the coming session, I’d never get admission in Dentistry or Pharmacy, so I’ll just enroll in any faculty I’m not really interested in. Another thing I realized is…well, I hate admitting it, but my mom was right. She always says, “This session you aren’t studying well Khulood”, and yeah mom, I’m finally admitting it, you are right! I have been lazing around for almost forever, I really need to pull my socks up and start putting in some effort. I mean if I don’t put in any effort, I wouldn’t just achieve good grades by some miracle! x_x I have almost lost motivation, but last night, I was thinking about it. If my results of the coming session, weren’t as good, my parents would be really really disappointed, and that’s one thing I dread! I think it is about time I give up all my distractions, and focus.

Anyway, if any of you guys can hopefully motivate me, or perhaps give me some advice, I’d appreciate the help..cuz I’m literally drowning.


2 thoughts on “Not a poem..

  1. Firstly, you are NOT drowning you are just learning to swim. 🙂
    Your grades are not bad. Alhamdullilah.
    Plus, you have another chance….you CAN and you WILL In Sha Allah make the best of it!

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