Missing you guys <3
Missing you guys ❤

Some friends are good,
others just want food.

Some friends are true,
others may throw you.

Some friends make you LOL,
others might make you fall.

Some friends may stay,
others may walk away.

It’s not just a rhyme,
it’s all about time.

In fact it’s life,
we all have to strive.

It’s how we live,
you take and give.


People come and go,
out of the blue they show,

and in seconds they leave,
but just don’t grieve.

People cross our path for a reason,
they may stay forever, or just for a season.

They’re either a lesson or a blessing,
that’s life you experience, just keep progressing.

Choosing our friends, our prophet did command us,
so choose wisely the pure and pious.

You know,

You don’t really have to talk every day,
or meet each other, from day to day.

You don’t have to spend hours explaining,
or try your best to be entertaining.

All you need is understanding,
with that, your friendship is so outstanding.

You just need love,
but not any love.

Try loving for the sake of Allah,
it’ll last forever, In Sh’Allah. ❤


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