Quit it!

Leave me, no, don’t talk to me.
Go away, no, don’t walk to me.

Keep your distance and stay there.
I don’t want you anywhere.

Stop insulting, stop accusing,
for once in your life stop abusing.

I won’t be the way you want,
changing me, no you won’t.

Sometimes I doubt if you’re sane,
taunting others, what pleasure do you gain?

I mean, you’re a very good lawyer to your mistakes,
You’ll protest, you’ll do all that it takes,

to prove you’re flawless you’ll literally do it,
too sad, you’ll never prove it!

No one is perfect, neither me, nor you.
And it’s not worth it, don’t you think that too?

There is a story behind every person,
Their depression, you just worsen.

Fat, fake, and every mistake,
You keep judging, but for whose sake?

Quit it today, no, not tomorrow
Quit their misery, end their sorrow.


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