You’re not drowning!


When you try to look back
and figure where it went wrong,

When you think what you lack,
didn’t make it last long.

When you, know it’s the past
and you probably should stop thinking,

I know it changed fast,
but no you’re not sinking.

You’re not drowning,
you’re just learning how to swim.

Maybe you should stop frowning,
Stars shine in the dim.

Know that for every lock, there’s a key.
but where the key lies, is what you should see.

With every struggle, every hardship comes ease,
It might be near or maybe overseas.

Just never lose hope.

Never lose hope my friend, this world ain’t forever,
Sooner or later, it’ll all end however.


23 thoughts on “You’re not drowning!

  1. This was really beautiful I have maybe read this about 3 times! 😛
    The whole poem is great…..I love the pic as well. 🙂
    My fav line is “Stars shine in the dim.”:D

    Liked by 1 person

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