Now don’t ask me why, or for what but I’m so excited! Being nominated? Naah, never thought I’d be nominated for anything, but I’m actually n-o-m-i-n-a-t-e-d !! (Yeah, not a relevant reason to be over joyed, but leh…)

My fellow blogger Samantha, nominated me for the “VERY INSPIRING BLOGGER AWARD“! She’s an amazing person, I can bet! Make sure you visit her blog, https://runnerwithablog.wordpress.com/ Thank you Samantha ^_^

I started this blog two months after I discovered my interest in poetry! It was only after the encouragement and support I received from my friends and parents that I decided I’d make a blog! I’m so glad to have them in my life! If there’s anything that I want, it’s making a difference, so if my poems can plant a smile on your face, or perhaps deliver a message, then I’d be way too grateful!

And as the rules happen to be, I gotta tell you a bit about myself, so there you go!


1. I recently made a new imaginary friends, named Alex. We talk all the time ❤ (I’m normal I swear) 😛

2. I eat chocolates before my exams, I believe they help me remember.

3. I’m the only member in my family who doesn’t wear specs.

4. I’m rubbish at applying eye-liner.

5. I pretended being a cat as a child and my sisters followed me. We had our own “meow” language

6. I don’t like winter.

7.  I couldn’t say my name correctly until I was 7 I think, Hulood was how I said my name.

So now! I nominate my fellow bloggers, make sure you check their blogs, trust me, they are wonderful! 😀

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Reminding you to never stop blooming ❤