My Peanut <3

I miss you.

So today I sat thinking about you,
under the sparkling stars and the beautiful view.

Recalling our memories, and every moment,
every laugh, every smile and every comment.

And you know what I realised?

It has been truly marvellous,
it’s just absolutely fabulous.

We had our ups and downs, but we’ve made it through,
in every hardship, every trouble, surely I’d find you.

You’re like a soul mate,

Definitely you’re one,
count our similarities, it’s a ton.

No, I’m not kidding, I’m just glad,
I’ve got a friend, many have never had.

You see,

Since grade five, the memories exist,
in the back of my mind, there’s a list.

Sometimes I just sit and admire,
how blessed I am, hope it never expire.

Though distance has made us apart,
this one thing I want to impart,

I always think about Paradise,
Its mere thought leaves me paralyzed.

How beautiful would it be,
may Allah grant us Jannah, you and me.

Maybe He hasn’t gathered us in this ride,
But In Sha’Allah, together in Jannah we’ll reside.

My special little peanut, you’ll always be,
I Love You Idiot, don’t you see?

‘Cause today is my Peanut’s birthday ❤