Hopeless Case


I can’t wait to be done.
I can’t wait to be free
I wanna sit and do none,
but it ain’t a two months or three…

It’s like my entire life,

You know when you feel trapped
and there’s no way out?
When you feel handicapped,
and have no idea what it is about?

In brief, I feel like a duck who forgot how to swim,
or perhaps I’m just lost somewhere in the dim.
Every day passes, following the other,
In fact weeks and months pass, and they’re all like each other.

“You keep procrastinating”, says my mum
“Oh I’ll do it tomorrow”, and that tomorrow never comes.

One day I’ll wake up to my exams,
One day I’ll regret wasting my time,
Now I just lay and eat my Jam,
And mourn and complain writing my poem.

-That just really explains my life.


14 thoughts on “Hopeless Case

  1. One day u will know that this poem was a mirror for ur success
    Nothing is impossible
    And ur never late to start again
    Still I like the poem ❤
    Keep it up bae but in or old style 🙂
    Love u ❤

    Liked by 1 person

  2. That just explains my life to XD except for the part that I’m eating chips. 😛
    Procrastination-my top hobby these days. 😦
    I feel a bit guilty you know….your poem is maybe …sorta trying to tell me to stop sleeping and start studying! 😉

    Well written loody! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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