A fish out of it’s pond

It was never until she experienced it,
She never understood until she actually got hit.

And no, it wasn’t a punch, nor was she stabbed in the chest
It was rather a deep bruise , while she was trying to adjust.

Adjust in this world, to blend in with her mates,
They never accepted her with her braces or her plaits.

Altering her imperfections, was her only dream,
Acceptance, was her ever unheard scream.

Going through ups and downs it took her a while,
To get into her senses, to finally wear that smile.

It wasn’t love that altered her life,
Nor was it acceptance that helped her to thrive.

She was merely a lost fish out of it’s pond,
Or perhaps an unstable atom, trying to bond.

Getting her way back, she finally succeeded,
When she found her creator, she knew that’s all she needed.


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