Daddy’s girl !


Daddy’s girl, that’s what they call me,
Little do they know how much you mean to me.

Because dad you’re my only king,
In my life you’re my spring.

You’re everything to me,
Without you, nothing I would be.


Remember when I was a kid, I’d run down the stairs,
As I hear your keys jingling and your footsteps upstairs

Racing down me and my siblings to hug you,
You spent hours away , oh dad how much I missed you.

And remember?

Remember when you had to spend weeks and months away,
And kissing me good bye.

“It’s just a few nights”, you would say,
As you rushed and walked by.

Little did I know, I just wanted you by my side,
Unaware you’re doing it for me, I cried, I died inside.


Remember when you kept telling me to pray,
I’d just say okay, and merely play.

I’d hide behind the door for a minute and a half
“I prayed”, I’d lie, I apologize on my behalf.,

Funny how you’d smile and say alright,
To show me you trust me, you hold that smile tight.

But you know?

You don’t really have to remember, I know it’s ages ago,
I just want to tell I love you, no matter how old I grow.



6 thoughts on “Daddy’s girl !

  1. Melted my heart ❤ like a marshmallow on fire :')
    I loved every bit of this Loody! 😀
    'Because dad you’re my only king,
    In my life you’re my spring.' ❤
    And a5eekran a new post 😛


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