Another year, I don’t know what the fuss is about,
It’s a fresh start with new opportunities to reaches out.

I get it.

Everyone’s excited to fill their 365 pages,
With memories they’ll remember after ages,

I’m sorry, but I’m confused

Why is it the new year’s eve that’s special
Why is it celebrated why is it exceptional?

Why do people get excited?
For the new year they’re delighted?
Why are fireworks ignited,
Why is everyone united?

I don’t mean to offend you,
It’s just my thoughts that grew,

And I’m not against happiness, I didn’t say that,
Just please hear me out on that.

I believe “Start with a clean slate” isn’t just for new year,
When you fall, it’s okay, you can kick back into gear
Be adventurous, enjoy life, face your fears,
Make friends, make memories, smile through tears

You may knock a habit, make a habit, whenever.
Get excited, get happy however

I mean, all that you plan to do,
And the “perfect future” you drew,
All that things we wish to outdo,
We can, if we start now, me and you.

Why wait for the page to turn to start with a new font,
You got the paper and the pen, write what you want.


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