In the backseat, she didn’t care who took the lead,
heading to nowhere or somewhere, she paid no heed.
Rolling down the window, whispering wind rushed through her hair,
she gazed at the sky, ignoring the wind and the mist in the air.

Her eyes shifted from the indigo to the blue and black,
finally landing on the silver moon, counting stars she lost track.
Admiring the beauty of the moon, she didn’t blink an eye,
shining bright yet lonely in the dark night sky.

The story of the moon and how it sacrifice,
the little sparkle it owns and doesn’t think twice.
The story of the moon and it’s loving heart.
the company of the lonely and the broken apart.

She fell in love with the moon,
like she falls for everything that walks away
She’s aware when it’s noon,
she’ll be broken begging it to stay.


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