Each layer came cracking down, the shells I’ve surrounded myself with, ruptured one at a time. Gradually exposing every insecurity.

I hastened, picking up the pieces, helplessly trying to cover what I could. Every secret, every detail, every part of my being, radiating. Never have I felt more naked.

You stared blankly. Not a word could you utter, almost like you’re in space like it’s unreal.

You laid your eyes on my insecurities like they were art or some sort of magic. You barely touched, but I could feel your fingers joyfully flipping pages of my untold stories. You explored every corner of my being. And when you were almost done, you weren’t.

You looked deeply into my eyes, not blinking once, it was a gaze of knowledge. Your lips never uttered a word. Your arms extending, embracing my bare soul, and after a deep breath, whispering, you stuttered, ‘You deserve better‘.


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