Get to know me!

Hello my dear friends!

It’s me again! ^__^ So, writing a biography about myself aint really the easiest thing to do, to be honest, but I’m gonna give it a go!

So you might already know, my name is Khulood Bahaa, I wouldn’t mind if you call me loody ,instead 😛 Anyway, I am Egyptian, some people say I don’t look like one though, which is pretty fine. 😀 I am just another ordinary sixteen years old girl, who is currently doing her A levels, and trust me, it is terrible. It’s slowly killing me xD

Speaking about studies, I am a former Unaizah International School (UIS) candidate, you obviously have no clue about this institute, but it’s okay. Leaving school was quite tough, I know I didn’t really like it, but it had a great impact on me; so yeah, thank you UIS 🙂 And now, looking back, I genuinely miss my school. Currently, I am a private A level candidate, which is as terrible as it may sound. Being a private candidate is my worst experience so far. Take my advice, you might hate your school today, but you are going to miss every moment you spent there once you leave it.

Now let’s look at the bright side, I actually spend some very good time doing things I love, Iike writing poems, as it might seem obvious. I also occasionally like to bake, but you all might know that the most common hobby, is spending time online, so yeah, I wouldn’t forget mentioning that.

Oh and something else you might wanna know about me, I am chocoholic xD Like c’mon, I don’t mind spending my entire life eating chocolate. Chocolates are just love ❤

I guess that’s pretty enough 😛 I love getting to know you guys, so don’t hesitate contacting me, yeah, LETS BE FRIENDS! 😀

Reminding you to never stop blooming


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