Where Rainbows End

Where Rainbows End

Glistening secretly alone in the dark,
kept my company when I lost my spark,
That night hope found a home in me,
’cause even in the dark, the stars will be.

Not too soon, the cloudy mist greeted hi,
hope whispered, ‘stars never bid goodbye’.
That night, I found a home in thee,
’cause even when the clouds take over, hope will be.

Streaming down tears, I knew you’re near,
despite of the heavy rain, non i could fear.
Only that night, hope couldn’t save me,
but the sight of you, kept me free.


Broken Ties

Broken Ties

As fresh as daisies were your lies,
As deceiving as your love were your eyes.

As sweet as poison were your words,
Every moment we had struck a chord.

We anchored our ship hoping it would stay still,
The waves were stronger than us, they could kill.

You didn’t try, and nor did I,
All hopes were lost, our eyes ran dry.

How does it feel?

How does it feel?


How does it feel?
When they all leave,
when you feel worthless,
when they all deceive?

How does it feel?
When in your skin they weave,
tapestry of happiness, love and care?
How does it feel?
When sadness is all you wear?

How does it feel?
When you’re a cloud in a clear sky,
and your eyes have run dry?

How does it feel?
When your heart is a graveyard,
Filled with people you loved hard?

How does it feel?
Or does it feel anything?



I’ve been so strong,
pushing people away,

saying “there’s nothing wrong”
saying “it’s okay”.

Wishing you could save me,
or look at my eyes and see,

the tears I’ve been holding,
or the fears in me.

And one day,

It started to fall a part,
nothing sucks more than failing again,

you gotta begin from the start,
you gotta kill the pain.

And I’m aware,

I know I’ve been pushing you away,
I’ve been the reason we don’t talk,

I know, but is it too much to ask you to stay,
And guide me as I walk?

But if I woke up one day,
and you no longer chose to stay,

I hope you know that,

There’ll always be a piece of you in me,
And I’m forever grateful for that.

My Peanut <3

I miss you.

So today I sat thinking about you,
under the sparkling stars and the beautiful view.

Recalling our memories, and every moment,
every laugh, every smile and every comment.

And you know what I realised?

It has been truly marvellous,
it’s just absolutely fabulous.

We had our ups and downs, but we’ve made it through,
in every hardship, every trouble, surely I’d find you.

You’re like a soul mate,

Definitely you’re one,
count our similarities, it’s a ton.

No, I’m not kidding, I’m just glad,
I’ve got a friend, many have never had.

You see,

Since grade five, the memories exist,
in the back of my mind, there’s a list.

Sometimes I just sit and admire,
how blessed I am, hope it never expire.

Though distance has made us apart,
this one thing I want to impart,

I always think about Paradise,
Its mere thought leaves me paralyzed.

How beautiful would it be,
may Allah grant us Jannah, you and me.

Maybe He hasn’t gathered us in this ride,
But In Sha’Allah, together in Jannah we’ll reside.

My special little peanut, you’ll always be,
I Love You Idiot, don’t you see?

‘Cause today is my Peanut’s birthday ❤


Missing you guys <3
Missing you guys ❤

Some friends are good,
others just want food.

Some friends are true,
others may throw you.

Some friends make you LOL,
others might make you fall.

Some friends may stay,
others may walk away.

It’s not just a rhyme,
it’s all about time.

In fact it’s life,
we all have to strive.

It’s how we live,
you take and give.


People come and go,
out of the blue they show,

and in seconds they leave,
but just don’t grieve.

People cross our path for a reason,
they may stay forever, or just for a season.

They’re either a lesson or a blessing,
that’s life you experience, just keep progressing.

Choosing our friends, our prophet did command us,
so choose wisely the pure and pious.

You know,

You don’t really have to talk every day,
or meet each other, from day to day.

You don’t have to spend hours explaining,
or try your best to be entertaining.

All you need is understanding,
with that, your friendship is so outstanding.

You just need love,
but not any love.

Try loving for the sake of Allah,
it’ll last forever, In Sh’Allah. ❤