Hello there! 😀

Welcome to my blog ^_^

Having a good day? or another crappy, unfortunate one?
Keep smiling and be grateful for the good time you had today. If you didn’t really have a good day…you know what? It’s all gonna end. It’s funny how we think that our problems are permanent, when life is just temporary.

“No joy lasts forever and neither does pain, and only with pain comes the true gain” ~Amal Ahmed Albaz.

Trust me it’s gonna be better, just have faith and keep going ^_^
Now, since you are here, I’m sure you’d love to explore my blog 😀
I’ve got some poems on here, you might wanna read, I’m not well experienced with poetry, but whenever I feel like, I just put my thoughts into words.
Hope you have a good time on here, do let me know what you think. 🙂

Reminding you to never stop blooming ❤





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