My Story with poems

So well…I made a new friend, a really good friend she happens to be. Days passed by, and we grew really close. We shared stuff, and it became part of our “almost daily routine”, to talk to each other. A lot have taken place in the few months I got to know her, and one day i felt like I want to arrange these words, so that it rhymes, and thought it might perhaps make her day.

So this was my first thing to write:

Everything is temporary,

but your smile is extraordinary.

So maintain that beautiful smile

for, it spreads love from a mile,’

and if they try to shake you,

about your strength, they sure have no clue.

She absolutely loved it, and actually made her day, which really really made me feel so great! I thought it was merely a few words arranged, and that it wasn’t really creative, (I still think it isn’t as good, anyway). Sometimes I’d start a poem with a certain emotion, and particular thoughts on my mind, and I end up writing something completely different, which is completely messed up xD Weird I know 😛

Days passed, and I wrote more and more, and I was loving it! I loved how I could express my feelings, and sometimes put them into words, something I never could do previously. My parents seemed quite fascinated by the fact that their  little daughter has become a little poet ^_^. My siblings have always supported me as well, especially my sisters, Raghad and Rahaf, I know they are quite young (they’re just 13), but just to let you know, I take their opinion very seriously, if they don’t like a poem, even if I’m in deep love with it, I just start disliking it too. x_x

My dear friend, (not sure if she minds me mentioning her name), she always encouraged me to continue, she always supported me, she always seemed to love whatever I write 🙂 Couldn’t ask for a better peanut. ❤ 😛 Actually almost all of my friends support me, even my few net friends 😀

All I realize now is, you never know what the future holds, you don’t know where you will be in the next couple of years, don’t lose hope! Just go with the flow, and one day, something different is gonna take place, and you would be very impressed by yourself!

Reminding you to never stop blooming ^_^


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